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Happiness does not come from doing work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best....

Gary Ryan Blair





New Services Include:

Dry Cleaning (10 pieces is the limitation 48-72 hr return)

Residential Cleaning Services & Qoutes

One-time cleaning of 900-square foot 1-2 bedroom apt costs $74-$200.

At the lower end we charge $13.50 x 5 = $67.50 

One-time cleaning of 1,300-square foot single story home with seven rooms cost $95-$300.

At the lower end we charge $13.50 x 7 = $94.50

One time cleaning of 2,200-square foot two story three bedroom single home with 9 rooms $149-$400.

At the lower end we charge $ 13.50 x 9 = $ 121.50

Labor fee of $27.00 for Apartments

Labor fee of 40.50 - 54.00 for Houses

Additional Cost on Special Request:

Windows: $13.50 -$27.00

Wall Cleaning: $27.00 - 40.50

Spot Cleaning: $13.50

Oven Cleaning: $27.00

Refrigerator Cleaning: $27.00

Dusting Blinds: $27.00


                                           Local & Small Business Contracting


                                                                                       Free Estimates on Obtained Services

                                                                                             Cleaning Proposals & Quotes

                                                                                                 Contracting  Referrals

                                                                                     We Prepare Statements of General Needs

                                                                                        Contract Adjustments One Time Only

                                                                 Daily & Monthly Log of Tasks Performed: Client Deliverable Only

                                                                          Monthly Quality Inspection Visit: Client Deliverable Only

                                                                Requested Inspection Report From DDCS: Client Deliverable Only

                                                                          Corrective Actions: Immediately w/returned phone calls

                                                                            Special Cleaning: Both Client & Contract Deliverable

                                                                                                   Performance Standards

                                                                                                   Contract Management

                      Discounts can range from $ 13.50 - $200.00

                                 Obtained services through referral guaranteeds a discount rate!